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Posted 6 months ago by Dan Wretling

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Dan Wretling

It would be great if Exstar could have support for 3D mouse (I would suggest 3dconnexion). Another feature one could ask for is possibility to "detach/un-dock" menus and tools from the main window. I would prefer to have one screen with clean 3D view and al tools on other screen.

Most of all, I would like to be able to resize camera window. Working at cable limit it can be hard to see the small camera window some time.    

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Randy McNurlin posted 4 months ago

I agree it is frustrating to lose a good scan because your trying to make it better. 

I would also like to see a delete by color. If I could just delete the red triangles I could save a scan from getting worse.

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Dan Wretling posted 5 months ago

Wow...Einstar... Such enthusiasm and drive for collecting customer suggestions. How do you manage to keep the fire in the forum like this? It is amazing... 

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Stephen Schlueter posted 5 months ago

+1000.  The "groups" kind of feature like in Exscan S would be nice, but just a "discard that last one" is a must-have.

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Dan Wretling posted 6 months ago

Also, if you could delete or undo latest scan would be like a million dollar. It is frustrating when you should just do some small scanning to add details on an almost perfect point cloud. And the scanner have problem to align and add a new object totally misaligned.

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