One of my first test scans with the Einstar

Posted over 1 year ago by 3DWP

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This one of my first test scans with the Einstar, impressive scanner! The model isn't very big (15 cm in height) but the details are nice.

I used the markers on a ''lazy susan'' (turntable) and scanned multiple angles. I couldn't find info about that, turns out you have to add a new project in the tree on the left to add a new scan that you can align later to other data. Otherwise the scanner tries to scan onto the data you already did. With the Einscan-SE I was used to making a new scan when clicking on the play button.

Video of scanning:

Result of the scan on Sketchfab:

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LockOn posted over 1 year ago

good job. I haven't try to scan small objects yet. Will try later. 

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3DWP posted over 1 year ago

Yes I have been scanning with Einscan for a while now. Now that I know the workflow it's very easy, I like that in this software version you pick at least 3 pairs for aligning and more pairs are possible. For Einscan-SE it's 3 pairs and then the software tries to align with only 3.

I tried scanning a person and that went fairly well too.

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Rebecca Khoo posted over 1 year ago

 Nice work. I remember you from the very first EinScan S. Einstar scans in handheld way is different from how SE works in fixed way. You are right you have to add a new project or it will just continue scan on the current one. Looking forward to more of your sharing. 

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