How to scan small size object by Einstar?

Posted 8 months ago by Rebecca Khoo

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Rebecca Khoo

Einstar scanning tips: Turntable & Tripod 

Einscan is very useful to scan medium and large size object or human body.

How to scan a inoranic tiny object with EINSTAR successfully with a tripod and a turntable! We have made a video to show you how.

Note: the scanner is not coming with the turntable and tripod in the video. You can find the most popular tripod for camera or mobile phone. 

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LockOn posted 8 months ago

Good idea. I am looking for a tripod and manual turntable like the one in the video. Do you guys sell it?

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Terry posted 8 months ago

I thought it was a handheld-only scanner! Thank you Rebecca.

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